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Why should you exhibit with us at the Biloxi Mississippi Gift Show?

We'll let our exhibitors tell you.

"At the Biloxi Gift Show we do a large volume of order writing. (We wrote more orders in Biloxi than we did in Atlanta!" -Stacey Lancaster, Lancaster House, Baton Rouge, LA

"I talked to more potential customers in the 3 days than I did in 4 days in Dallas the month before. I wrote 3 times as many orders as well." -Mike Prieto, Barrel-Art, Norfolk, VA
"Great sales -- more than double the last show -- and many new customers. A large number of retailers and they are there to buy!!! We did the Dallas show in June and did well. However, we actually took more orders and made more money in Biloxi. As for the ease of moving in and out, there is no comparison. Congratulations Jim, Pam, Toni, etc. A truly great show!" -Deanie Bahan, Durand and Co., LLC, Baton Rouge, LA
"Exhibitor move in was wonderful. Someone there to help us unload.We were not expecting that. What a wonderful surprise!" -Shirley Beaudin, Beaudin Designs, Canton GA
"I met and sold to many new retailers. Great attendees who BOUGHT! This show was more successful for us than the Summer Dallas Gift Show!"-Jody Wagner, Jody's Inc., Virginia Beach, VA
"This show reaches buyers that are in a divided territory and gives the opportunity for vendors to reach buyers that would either attend Dallas OR Atlanta gift shows." -Lisa Tate, Indianola Pecan House, Indianola, MS
"The buyers are there to buy....The order writing was great! Keep up the great work! We love Biloxi Market!" -Amanda Sugg, Southern Traveler, Mantachie, MS
"Biloxi has great vendors. The show is growing. Vendors have been with this show for a long time."
-Jennifer Olinde, Designs by Jenn, Zachary, LA
"Good traffic flow, solid customers." Sheila Nessle, Options, Chattanooga, TN
Roux Brands enjoys being able to target the Biloxi buyer directly. The markets' willingness to share the information has helped us be more strategic in our advertising.The convenience of this market ensures a stress free experience for the buyers. In addition, lots of shop owners enjoy spending time on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. -Casey Delmont Johnson, Roux Brands, LLC. Designed in Port Allen, LA
This was our first wholesale market and we had a really good show!”
-Shelley Tolson, Everyday Gourmet, Hammond, LA
It's a classy show. It's extremely easy to set up and tear down. Wide aisles.
My kind of buyer was there!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes. I seemed to have more boutique buyers.
Biloxi does a great job advertising the show. -Becky Lawson, Beckyanne's, Forrest City AR
"This is our favorite show to do. We have great sales here, we love the atmosphere, the hours, the customers, and our other vendors!" -Carmie Randack, Carmie's Kitchen, Wylie, TX
Only a select group of gift shops carry books in Mississippi and Louisiana.
But meeting the 20 who ordered at our booth in January, and cultivating the 8 new stores that placed an order for the first time... that would take prep and gas and weeks of travel. At the Biloxi Gift Show stores can handle new product, can recall old standbys. It's an unbeatable experience.-Steven B. Yates, University Press of Mississippi, Jackson, MS
"Exhibitor move-in is always fast and painless! Probably the most organized market we do on entering and exiting. The stores come to buy and everyone is super nice. Lots of written orders and lots of new contacts! We love the Biloxi show and everyone from the registration to the exit are absolutely the best! Top notch! Thanks Jim and to all the great staff! We are looking forward to the next market."
-Amanda Sugg, Southern Traveler, Mantachie, MS
"GREAT ORDER WRITING MARKET! We wrote RECORD orders again this show. Great staff, very helpful! Can't wait until the next show!" -Stacey Lancaster, Lancaster House, Baton Rouge, LA
Our tradeshow booth was early arriving from AmericasMart. I called Jim after-hours to see if he had put eyes on our products. Instead of delaying my anxieties until the next day, Jim and Pam drove back to the market to find the booth. It was a fantastic reassurance that Jim and Pam would be willing to do whatever I needed to make sure we were on time.-Casey Delmont Johnson, Roux Brands, LLC. Designed in Port Allen, LA

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