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Why should YOU exhibit at the Biloxi Mississippi Gift Show? We'll let our exhibitors tell you...


"January was a Great show - we have already signed up to come back in August. This was our first appearance at this show so, for us, the most positive aspect was a higher level of sales than we had anticipated. But also the ease of the move in and move out, plus everyone (exhibitors and buyers) was extremely polite and friendly. You don't get that at most other shows. New Customers Acquisition made this market a success."
-John McKinney, Swanson Christian Products, Murfreesboro, TN



"I love being able to come to this show! Everyone at the Biloxi market is always smiling and happy to answer questions. They are knowledgeable, friendly and warm. Set up was great. They had me unloaded before I could even turn my car off! They are quick and careful. The mailing list offered by the Biloxi Show was amazing! A great way to let customers know we are coming. Talking to new customers is the best thing about the show!"
-Jennifer Lambright, Country Life Outfitters, Panama City, FL



"Surprisingly set up was terrific! I had registered on the Monday before the show. Everything was sent expedited shipping. Jim and his team were very helpful and E.T. with the convention supply company was wonderful! And Thank goodness for the vendors in my area because they helped me too with set up and breakdown!


Show has good traffic and a nice blend of offerings. I was definitely pleased with the types of retailers who attended... I was a bit nervous at first because there were many jewelry vendors listed but no duplication of my designs or styles which was wonderful! I am expanding into the SE territory and was very pleasantly surprised with 15 new customers who all placed nice sized orders + I have many new prospects to pursue! I am so glad I went to the show and I will definitely be attending future shows! Thanks Jim and Pam!"
-Hillary Fehsenfeld, Tabassum Designs, Exeter, RI


"The Biloxi show is large enough for variety, yet small enough for the buyers to engage. The buyers are less hurried and more able to look at the items in our booth. We like the different types of shops...from mom and pops to larger retailers. Best of all, we gained 35 new retailers at the January show, wrote just as many orders as Atlanta, yet we were close to home and the cost of the booth didn't break the bank. Fantastic show!!"
-Vanessa Mueller, Marina Cottage Soap Co, Ocean Springs, MS


"First time at this market. The move-in experience was Excellent! Worked like a well-oiled clock. Fast, Professional, exacting. I recommend this market because of the Variety of Vendors and professionalism of all involved. And Definitely the Numbers of buyers. Great overall experience."
-Pamela Garmon, One Eyed Joe Brands, Dallas, Texas


"Great show for southern buyers! Market is not saturated with the same product. You are always unsure how a show in January will be since Christmas is over. I must say this is our 3rd time to exhibit and the Best Show Ever. Can't wait to return in August."
-Brenda Uzee, LeTerre, Ethel, La


"Move-in is efficient and easy with the help of the staff. The postcard reminder is helpful to bring customers back to the show and your booth. The vendors and the customers are friendly and fun. The staff is available and visible and the cost for the show is fair. The variety of the retailers allowed us to open new doors in new areas of the country. We have been attending the show for two years now and have expanded our exposure of our products in areas we might not; had we not participated. All around great show from move in; to sales; to fun and friendly staff, vendors and retailers; to great hours and pricing; to move-out! Biloxi is a fun location as well!"
-Cindy Wilkins, Cin Chili & Company, Houston TX



"The customers are very loyal and pleasant to deal with. The location of the show is always a nice draw for customers as well as exhibitors. Hospitals, flower shops, gift and home decor businesses, drug stores and other variety shops. This show is always very good for me in the variety of items sold as well as the buyers I can count on to return. My customers are the best!!"
-Betty Dunn, MereKate, Providence, Ky.


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"We were more than pleased with the number of qualified buyers. We more than doubled our sales goals for the show. I am certain one reason the traffic was so good is the advertising and promotion prior to the show."
-Denise Landry, The Parish Line, Baton Rouge, LA


"We were pleased with the show. This was our first year exhibiting. We were able to write several new buyers. Very happy with the variety. We even were able to find a few new ZMA accounts; which is always a plus! Best thing about the show? New buyers of course!"
-Ronnie L Adkins, Wild Republic, Twinsburg, OH


"Jim and Pam are so organized and make participating in the show such a enlightening experience. They are wonderful to work with. Truly wanting each vendor to have a great experience...from setting up to breaking down. They also advertise for each vendor thru Facebook and sending postcards to all retailers in a radius of over 375 miles, inviting them to attend, which is extremely beneficial to the vendors.

We opened many new accounts that we were unaware of. Many, to our surprise, didn't know who we were. It was a variety of wonderful retailers. Introducing retailers to our wonderful product and making them aware of the opportunities to have us in their stores. We opened many new accounts and expect to open even more on the road due to the traffic at the show."
-Pat Breaux, DEMDACO, Winnie, Texas


"Made great Contacts! This being our 1st show, we had no idea what to expect. Everyone that came by welcomed us and left contact information for possible future sales. I would just like to thank you all for such a Great 1st Show experience!!! And a Special Thank You for using The Cotton Sak's photo of the cotton boll pillows on the last email that went out prior to the market. I can't tell you how many retailers came looking for those pillows because they showed them at the top of that email. So thank you for all the free advertising you offer your vendors. It definitely works! Thanks y'all!"
-Amanda Coker, The Cotton Sak, Pontotoc, MS


"This show does a great job attracting sincere, respectful buyers. We were able to add a diverse mix of new customers -- always a plus! I would recommend this show because of management's determination to keep the Biloxi market a true wholesale order writing environment where exhibitors and retailers alike feel welcome and appreciated.
We cannot wait to come back in August!"
-Peter Fretty, Barrels of Yum, Whitehall, MI


"Move in was extremely easy and the staff was very helpful. Many of the buyers who attend the Biloxi Show do not attend some of the larger gift shows, Therefore, by participating in the Biloxi Show I was able to gain new customers who I would not have met in other markets. Thank you for all the hard work in organizing and managing a great gift show!"
-Robert Rodenberger, Jazzy Artz, Marietta, Georgia


"We had a great show! Many re-orders and new stores. Thanks for your great advertising!"
-Amanda DeLaughter, Covered With Paint, Pelahatchie, MS


"I talked to more potential customers in the 3 days than I did in 4 days in Dallas the month before. I wrote 3 times as many orders as well."
-Mike Prieto, Barrel-Art, Norfolk, VA


"We say it all of the time....yours is our favorite show and a nice ending to the show circuit after Atlanta and Dallas. Buyers are more relaxed and engaged in doing business."
-Pam Brown, Collectables America, Prairieville, LA





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